Directions and Care Instructions

Start your bath experience with a recommended temperature of about 37 degress or as you see comfortable. Whilst bath is running pop a into the Bath bomb or 2 into water and watch as they fizz and spin around, allowing the water to take effect as the aroma and colours are unleased. Once the bathbomb has completely evaporated and water level is at your liking, hop into, relax and enjoy your experience.

WARNING: Some staining on the skin may occur if your handle the bomb whilst it is wet for a period of time before it has completely fizzed into your bath. Please remember when exiting a bath or shower to take extra care as surface may be slippery. All our products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. We only use the highest quality ingredients and ingredients are bought in Australia for local supliers.



Small, Medium


Baby Powder, Banana, Birds of Paradise, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Bubblegum, Champagne and Strawberries, Clean Cotton, Creme Caramel, Love spell, Musk Sticks, Naked Fruits, Watermelon, 1 Million type


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