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    release through the "bridges"
  • SING
    through your entire range without any noticable changes in quality or volume
    "Sing in the Mix"

"Tiny" Classes

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"I love being in Tiny Tunes because you get to sing with a friend and get the chance to do a duet and practice on the stage with a microphone."

I love singing in Tiny Tunes because I have a friend that I sing with and we have had lots of fun. I just auditioned for Gondwana Children's Choir in Melbourne, Victoria and was accepted."

Tiny Tots

The Young Voice

When training the young voice, we look at the bigger picture, that being the long term effect this will have on our younger voices.

All care must be taken when training and with proper training, bad habits such as belting or straining will be avoided. In time these young voices will become fuller with power, quality and range.

Practice and patience are required to see the student develop positive habits. This will happen with maturity.

Tiny Tots:

Tiny Tots
  • 6 - 7 years
  • Limit of 5 - 6 students per group

Tiny Tunes:

  • 8 - 11 years
  • Limit of 5 - 6 students per group
  • Group classes offer the fun and experience of singing with friends
  • Students learn through listening and observing both vocally and when performing
  • Each student is given individual attention in our "Tiny" classes
  • Learn to sing and move to your favorite songs in a fun and friendly atmosphere
  • We also work on Solo performance in these sessions