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    through your entire range without any noticable changes in quality or volume
    "Sing in the Mix"

Artists and Testimonials

Tiah Guillot

Tiah Guillot
  • Disney World Hollywood Studios. The American Idol Experience, Golden Ticket, Runner up in 2010
  • Tamworth Aristocrat Entertainer of the year, 17yrs & under finalist in 2011,2010,2007 & 2006
  • Tamworth Jazzer Quest, 17yrs & under finalist in 2010,2009 & 2006
  • CCMA ( Capital Country Music Association ) Junior vocalist, 13yrs & under, 2006
  • CCMA Jamboree Duet Open Finalist with Jess Porter in 2010
  • Mildura Top of the State Victorian Champion of Champions, Under 13yrs, Winner 2006
  • Mildura Top of the State Victorian Champion of Champions finalist in 2009 & 2008
  • Gympie Maton Talent Quest, Open age finalist in 2009
  • Camerata Country Music Graduate, 2009
  • Tamworth CCMA Winter Competition, 13yrs & under, 3rd in 2005

"l'm so lucky and grateful for having such an awesome teacher. Without Yvonne l wouldn't be giving it my all or had the experiences l have. I won't ever forget you or what you have done for me. You're one in a million."
Love always, Tiah.

Jordy McMillan

Jordy McMillan
  • Tamworth CCMA 2011 Jamboree Open Songwriting 3rd
  • Tamworth CCMA 2011 Jamboree Open Duet 3rd
  • National Songwriting Competition ACMF (Australian Children's Music Foundation) Winner 2010 Year 9 & 10, 2008 Year 7 & 8, 2007 Grade 5 & 6
  • National Songwriting competition ACMF 2nd 2006 Grade 5 & 6
  • Tamworth CCMA (Capital Country Music Association) Best New Talent Winner 13 yrs & under 2009
  • Tamworth Camerata Graduate 2009
  • Mildura Top of the State Overall Grand Winner 2009 & 2007
  • Mildura Top of the State Victorian "Champion of Champions" finalist from 2005-2010
  • Tamworth Entertainer of the Year Finalist 2009 duet with Lucy Pallot

"Yvonne is a fantastic Teacher, she is so supportive and positive. I love coming into lessons, it's always such a happy welcoming environment. She has helped me with every aspect of my career including my guitar playing, theory, performance, singing in girl group Silk even getting gigs for me and being there to watch"

Meagen Mathieson

Meagen Mathieson

I have been singing for 2 years. I was really shy in front of people when I started lessons, Yvonne helped me overcome this. Since I have been having lessons with Yvonne I have competed in many competitions and placed well.

I enjoy being taught by Yvonne and look forward to doing well in the future.

Paula Hammond

Paula Hammond

"After only a few singing lessons with Yvonne l was already receiving feedback on my enormous vocal improvements. Yvonne has taught me the proper techniques required to use my vocal range correctly , which has inspired me to be more versatile and creative.

Yvonne is a great teacher and lessons are not only thorough and direct but always lots of fun."

Kelly Grixti

Kelly Grixti

"Yvonne is an inspirational singer and teacher that can recognise my strengths and weaknesses. Without Yvonne I would not have been able to tackle my weaknesses and complete the ballads that I do. She has helped me realise the singer I can be. I am now positive and believe that ‘I can do it!’.

I am constantly being complemented on the progression I have made since I have been a student at Yvonne’s studio. In saying this, I can never thank Yvonne enough for helping me understand how to use my technique. My lessons are always beneficial and I take something new away each time.

There is still so much to learn and I look forward to the journey ahead."

Lucy Pallot

Lucy Pallot

"Yvonne's teaching techniques are quick and effective. She is straight to the point. She doesn't stop until she gets results. Her encouraging attitude towards things, her support and love are what gave me success.

Her overall charisma as a person is amazing. She goes out of her way to help you, and she always goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. I love what Yvonne has done for me.

She is amazing, She welcomes you with open arms and encourages you to do things out of the ordinary. Her communication is excellent. Yvonne is an amazing woman and teacher."


"Over the last 9 years, I've had three different vocal coaches.

Since being with Yvonne, I've grown so much with my vocals, in both confidence and range. I've hit notes that, a year ago, I would have thought to be impossible.

My stage performance has improved immensely and on top of all of this, I've had a blast."


"Yvonne over the time I have been with her has always been quick and efficient when finding ways to overcome my problems, being performance or vocal technique.

I rate Yvonne 10/10 as a person and as a teacher. Yvonne is a lovely person, caring, articulate, professional and encouraging. Yvonne is always keen to be current and updated in industry techniques.

I wish to thank Yvonne for all she has done in my 9 years of training with her."


"Yvonne's extensive knowledge of music and music teaching has really helped me reach my full potential as a singer.

She has helped me connect with my chest voice which has allowed me to sing all of my favourite musical theatre songs. Yvonne is the only music teacher I have had with the knowledge and clear instruction of how to properly "sing in the mix."

I will never forget all the amazing skills she has taught me over my 8 years as one of her students."


"I have been having singing lessons at Yvonne's Studio and I have made huge improvements; my singing is constantly improving and I am now more confident in performing in front of people."


"l have been singing with Yvonne for 3 years now. Before l started lesson with Yvonne my voice was weak and airy and l lacked confidence.

Now l have a strong voice and l am very confident. Yvonne is an excellent teacher and a great friend, her teaching methods are quick, effective and fun. And l love her!"


"When I first started singing lessons my biggest problem was how quiet and shy I was. Yvonne could hardly hear me speak let alone sing.

Now l'm out performing, I have recorded a CD of covers and am currently recording my second album of original songs.

The best thing about Yvonne is the belief she has in all of her students, there's no time for self doubt when you're singing with Yvonne because it's just too much fun."


I have known Yvonne since I was quite young and have been working with her in music for about 3 years as a backup drummer, for her students when they have live shows and now a student in singing lessons.

Working with Yvonne is a pleasure because although she has been teaching and performing for a long time, and is very experienced, she also still loves it, which makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable as well as beneficial.

I have always felt very unsure about my singing and since starting with Yvonne, her encouraging attitude and diverse teaching methods have given me much more confidence to get in there and give it a go. This, in my opinion is one of the most important things about singing, because if there is no confidence, you can only get so far.

I would recommend Yvonne as a teacher to any one who wishes to start singing, or anyone who is already quite advanced and wishes to increase their skills even further. Many of her students are fantastic to listen to and are very talented, all taught from Yvonne. This surely is the result of hard work, experience, talent and love for what she does. Thank you Yvonne!
Luke Mastracola Drummer (15yrs), Singer, Advanced Diploma of Music

Stephen Reynolds

Since I started learning with Yvonne, I’ve improved my vocal range and quality, and most of all my confidence – I even played my first ever gig a little while ago and have played several more since then. Yvonne took me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and I’m hitting higher notes that I thought I simply wasn’t able to do." Stephen


Yvonne's skills and knowledge as a teacher has helped me realize my full potential as a performer and vocalist. I can now comfortably try any song I like, as she has taught me to use my full vocal range from chest through to head and the challenging "mix" range.

These skills were essential for the style which I love to sing, Musical Theatre. I don't think I could have had a better teacher over my 8 and a half years of lessons. Thanks Yvonne x

"I have been singing for several years. Although l had progressed well over the years, l just new l wasn't reaching my full potential. Yvonne quickly identified the problem and within a few lessons, l have progressed beyond what l even thought was possible.

I absolutely recommend everyone who has ever thought about singing lessons no matter what age, to contact Yvonne. I promise you will be happy you did... I am."
Gippsland Student

"I went to Yvonne for coaching to improve my range and singing confidence. I was finding the upper register very hard, hit and miss, and after singing up high, losing my voice for days etc.

Yvonne has helped me greatly, extending my range easily past what I thought was possible, no more singing and losing my voice. Songs I found hard to sing before are now so easy its amazing.

I would recommend Yvonne to any person wanting to improve their singing voice. The lessons are fun, Yvonne is very professional in her approach and the results have been great for me."

"Yvonne is not only an exceptional vocal teacher, but also a true friend who has given me valuable knowledge and support which has enabled me to become the confident, strong singer l am today."

"I love coming to singing lessons with Yvonne because she is an amazing teacher. Yvonne has helped me so much by drawing the big power ballads out of me. I sing them with so much ease even l'm amazed."

"Yvonne is amazing, she has taught me so much."

"l had been singing for 9 years before getting lessons with Yvonne and the difference it has made with my voice is remarkable.

With Yvonne's help the consistency in my voice and my range has improved dramatically and we work together to toward the goals l would like to achieve, not to a rigid and inflexible lesson plan.

She has helped not only with my singing but also with the actual performance aspect as well, assisting me to feel comfortable singing and performing in front of others.

I only wish I had started lessons with Yvonne 9 years earlier because l would have been so much further along than l am now."

Before coming to Yvonne l was very shy and quiet but Yvonne has taught me how to bring out my personality on stage and at school. I am now very confident singing in front of an audience. My voice is now much stronger and I can sing my high notes with ease and power."

"I wish I had started years ago. If you're thinking of taking lessons, JUST DO IT!!"

"When I first started singing lessons, my prominent problem was that I was a very airy, quiet singer.

Yvonne has built my voice up so that each time I sing, my voice is getting stronger and louder. Yvonne gets results so quickly, and she makes lessons really fun and interesting.

Yvonne has done so much for me, and I would recommend her highly to anyone. What I like best about Yvonne is that she makes you feel so comfortable with yourself, which really builds your confidence up when you are performing.

I am so glad I became a student of Yvonne Van Delden Vocal Studios."