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    release through the "bridges"
  • SING
    through your entire range without any noticable changes in quality or volume
    "Sing in the Mix"

Professional Preparation

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"Yvonne is straight to the point, she doesn't stop until she gets results, she always goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals, her support and love is what gave me success... she is amazing."

On a daily basis, Yvonne's valuable knowledge and experience is sought after to prepare and develop singers for:



  • Musical theatre companies
  • Band auditions
  • Church choirs
  • X Factor
  • Australia's Got Talent
  • Australian Idol

Recording Studio Preparation

Yvonne is also available to attend your sessions as a Vocal Consultant


Competition Singing

  • Song choice
  • Stage outfits
  • Stage presence
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Knowing your way around the stage and much more
Lauren Cox in Grease

Public Performance

Yvonne gives this special attention by being involved in or creating many performance platforms throughout the year.

Knowing that a lot of singers lack confidence when it comes to actually "performing" on stage to a live audience, Yvonne guides you through the whole process making you feel comfortable and ready for gigs