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    release through the "bridges"
  • SING
    through your entire range without any noticable changes in quality or volume
    "Sing in the Mix"

Private Coaching with Principal Yvonne van Delden

A Little About Yvonne

Being classically trained for the first ten years of her career, Yvonne's only challenge became how not to sing classical. That's when Yvonne discovered “Singing in the Mix”.

After many years of perfecting the “Mix Method” Yvonne began teaching her clients with outstanding results.

Yvonne van Delden

These results snowballed as Yvonne developed her own unique teaching method based on the client experiencing rather than being told, which in turn has uncomplicated a lot of the learning to sing process.

Yvonne's gift is being able to quickly identify and immediately formulate exercises, which to her clients' amazement allows them to feel results instantly, these carefully constructed exercises almost trick the voice into experiencing higher notes with ease, allowing you to sing the big power ballads, whilst extending the vocal range by releasing through the bridges. Often before realizing it!

Yvonne has been in the music industry for 31 years and while studying voice with some of the USA's top vocal coaches to the stars, received accreditations for teaching.

In 21 years of teaching voice, Yvonne's strong motivation for her work remains, driven by the desire for those who study with her to acheive their full potential.

Lessons With Yvonne

New clients, beginner and advanced, come seeking vocal solutions, asking:

  • “Why can't l sing a high note without going weak and airy?”
  • “Why do I have such a limited vocal range ?”
  • “Why can't I Sing in the Mix ?”

What follows are the testimonies of these clients. After a very short time working with Yvonne, they are amazed at the results!

  • “Songs l found hard to sing before are now so easy it's amazing!” Peter
  • “Yvonne's teaching techniques are quick and effective.” Lucy
  • “Yvonne quickly identified the problem and within a few lessons, l have progressed beyond what even I thought was possible.” Phil

In your very 1st Vocal Lesson Yvonne will:

  • Discuss your goals and desires and explain to you how, together they will be reached.
  • Identify your voice type and assess your overall vocal health and ability.
  • Pinpoint any undesirable habits that are not conducive to good vocal technique.
  • Immediately begin to formulate the correct counteractive scale and vowel combinations.
  • Initiate Improvement as you begin to experience “release” through the bridges giving you a connected voice from chest to mix to head.