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    release through the "bridges"
  • SING
    through your entire range without any noticable changes in quality or volume
    "Sing in the Mix"

Beginner & Basics Teachers

Yvonne van Delden Vocal Studios is one of the largest and most sought after Private Singing Schools in Gippsland. To keep up with ever increasing popularity and demands of tuition at the studio, Yvonne personally developed, Beginner & Basics, a Teacher Training course designed specifically to meet the needs of the younger beginner at the studio.

A Beginner & Basics teacher is competent to teach the basic fundamentals of becoming a singer. They provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for you to begin your journey.

All Level 1 Beginner & Basics teachers are overseen by Yvonne, as she has daily input and communication with both teacher and student.

On your first consultation at the studio, together, we will discuss and determine which class out of all we offer will be best suited to your needs at that time.

These classes are evaluated periodically assuring you of personal growth through all your development stages.

David "She is a very caring teacher, always goes the extra mile."
Jordy "I love coming into lessons, it's always such a friendly welcoming environment."
Caitlyn "Yvonne makes you feel so comfortable with yourself."